Special Slaton ISD Cardiac Screening

Yesterday OSYA did a cardiac screening specifically Slaton ISD since they’ve had their 2nd cardiac arrest in 11 months. The chances of that happening are astronomical. We are absolutely humbled by the turn out we have had for all of our cardiac screenings in terms of volunteers and participants. Yesterday was no exception. We had 109 students from Slaton come to the screening. Of those students, 11 were referred for a follow-up. We also, by nothing but divine intervention, found an abnormality in one of our volunteers as well. She will be seeing the cardiologist ASAP.

We were blessed to have both Xavier and Isaac at yesterday’s screening. They are the two young men that survived cardiac arrest in Slaton. They are quite literally walking miracles!! We can’t thank everyone enough for their help in making us a success!! We are blessed!


Isaac and Shelly Parker, one of the paramedics that performed CPR to save his life. This was taken at the Slaton ISD cardiac screening.


Isaac in his band uniform.


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